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Bits & Pieces

The meeting where the school board makes the plan for this upcoming school year is tonight.. But I’m sure I won’t know anything concrete until at least tomorrow, so I’m distracting myself tonight.

And what better way to do that than to do a sort of wrap-up of some random (mostly happy) things that we haven’t mentioned yet. Better yet, I’m doing this while eating the ice cream that I bought for Kirk last weekend that he hasn’t eaten yet (it was fair game-- I’ve eaten all of the other ice cream in the house before I even considered cracking this one). So pull up your own pint of ice cream (or beer, cold brew coffee, chocolate milk… whatever floats your boat), and enjoy the ride as I let the random thoughts in my head take the wheel…

Over the weekend, Wisconsin put a mask mandate into place. We’re not at a point yet where Nolan is okay with wearing a mask on his face, so we’re trying some things. I put command hooks on a pair of headphones thinking it wouldn’t be so tight on his face plus we wouldn’t have to mess with his ears. That was a no-go.

I tried...

I printed and laminated some badges I found online asking people to be considerate of his disability/ inability to wear a mask and put them on a clip-on badge reel. Why? Because sometimes people are horrible, and I just don't have it in me to deal with that sometimes. After about thirty seconds, he pulled the clip off of the back of the badge reel just for fun. Sigh.

Eventually, I got out my Silhouette Cameo machine and a cutting mat I picked up from a dollar store and made some heavy duty badges… I put them on lanyards with the hopes that they’ll be a little sturdier. Time will tell.

Other than the badges, I didn’t accomplish much this weekend. So tonight I tackled the slow drain in the bathtub. It’s been slow on and off since we moved in, and it feels like we’ve tried everything to clear it up. Tonight I took the plug apart (it’s one of those that’s permanently attached… or at least it was attached) and used the most heavy duty drain cleaner I could find. I’m happy to say that it’s now draining like a brand new drain. It helps that the water bottle lid that I found trapped inside of the drain is no longer blocking ⅔ of the drain, but the Tub Shroom that I put in will also help keep it running that way (and yes, that’s an affiliate link… we’ve already talked about that.) I take full responsibility for slowness in the tub drain-- I have a lot of hair and Kirk has none.

One thing that’s making me super happy right now, though, is these shirts I bought for Kirk and Nolan.

So handsome...

Okay, gather ‘round for story time… See, in early February, someone in a group of Murderinos on facebook (a Murderino is someone who is a fan of the podcast My Favorite Murder… So basically a fan of true crime, girl power and swearing) posted that she was doing custom pictures in the style of Bob’s Burgers which just HAPPENS to be our favorite. So of course I ordered one knowing that I wouldn’t have it in time for Valentine’s Day but that I probably would in time for Kirk’s birthday. I had intended to keep it and do something cool with it for him. But really I had it in my hot little hands for less than 5 minutes before I decided I couldn’t NOT share it. And I seriously love it.

That's Walter being his giant naughty self hanging out in the order window and the late great Frodo wanting in on the love...

I mentioned to Kirk that I loved the shirt the artist put on Nolan, and he agreed. I said something along the lines of, “I should find him that shirt…” and Kirk said, “I’d wear that shirt.” Kirk tends to have very strong preferences about his clothing (I’m trying to say that he’s super picky about his tees, and I’m trying unsuccessfully to be polite about it), so I knew my boys needed some matching shirts. Eventually I found them.

Other than that, Walter has been a great source of joy in our home (at least for me). He’s the social furry guy who just keeps getting bigger all the time… He’s gotta be close to fully grown at almost two, right? I mean, his feet still seem a little big, but how much bigger can he really get? Either way, he’s a magnificent beast.

I was just wondering why he never plays in grocery bags until it occurred to me that he won't fit in them...

And now it’s super late and my late-afternoon bonus coffee is finally wearing off. So I’ll leave you with a few of the kinds of memes that are making me laugh and brightening my days lately. Because a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get by some days. (Also, if anyone can help me give credit for these memes where it's due, please point me in the right direction...)

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