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Today's Adventure

So this isn't a whole big introspective post like we so often do.

But after seeing how well last week's "slice of life" post was received, I thought you might like to see Today's Adventure.

So Kirk texted me early into my workday...

So yeah... Nolan has been dairy-free for quite a while, but since we're staying at home we're trying to work some in to see how it goes. We don't typically do this much cheese in one serving, so I guess that could be fun.

Plus there's the mold.

I can probably stop working on my Mother of the Year Award acceptance speech... So that'll free up some time in my schedule, I guess.

After work, we had a little bonus adventure.

Lately, we've been visiting a former quarry road that is now used primarily for hiking. It's public land that's currently maintained by the Mississippi Valley Conservancy. We've visited several times in the past couple of weeks, and in general I let Nolan take the lead... We go as fast (or slow) as he wants and only go as far as he wants.

So tonight we took a nice walk. Along the way, I had two thoughts:

1. We should wear brighter colors while we hike... just in general for safety reasons... because once in a while I'm paranoid.

2. We probably don't see as much wildlife as most hikers (because NOISE). On the plus side, bears aren't likely to cause us much trouble.

But my favorite part of the walk was at the very end. As we were leaving the trail, I noticed a new sign.

In my defense, it's a really little sign.

Oh yes. Not Mother of the Year. Probably not next year at this rate, either.

In my defense, that sign is teeny tiny.

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Hopefully they are not hunting moms and sons! You don’t look much like turkeys and crow season is over. When I was growing up mold on cheese was considered penicillin in it’s raw form. One of the many twists and turns in life. :)

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