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The Giveaway! (Finally!)

Hey everyone!

So when I talked about finding happy distractions, I promised a giveaway… I’m slower than I had hoped to be in getting it out there, but here we go!!!

First and foremost, I’m hoping this is a happy distraction for everyone! I also want to use this as an opportunity to support some of the people and businesses I love during this challenging time.

I may add more to this list as we go along, but here’s what we have so far!

A Parent Pack from Kirk, Nolan and I:

-Two sassy mugs

-Men’s & Women’s Ringmaster of the Shit Show socks

-Tote bag that says, “None of this stuff is mine”

-A dishtowel that says, “Alexa- clean the kitchen.”

-”Why Johnny Doesn’t Flap: NT is OK!” a book by Clay Morton and Gail Morton

From Momma Java consultant Jessica Cook

-½ lb bag of Victorian Caramel ground coffee-- this is one of my all-time favorite coffees in the entire world

-A pair or amazeball magnets…

-”For the Love of Mandalas” a coloring book filled with amazing mandalas to color created by my amazingly talented friend

-A bottle of wine or gift card (depending on your location). This is my sister’s winery located in Floyd, VA… She and her husband own and run the winery as their semi-retirement gig. The wine (all Italian varieties) is delicious--plus they ship! (If you are a non-drinker of alcohol or you’re located somewhere that we’re not able to get this shipped to because of legal restrictions, let me know-- I’ll come up with a plan B!)

A Gift Card from Etsy

-You know Etsy… So many makers have stepped up to help by making masks, using 3D printers to fix equipment and using their creativity to solve other problems. Let’s support the community of makers to help them put good into the world.

I think that’s everything for now…

So now that you know what the prize is, let me tell you how to enter!

Leave a comment below for an entry. That’s it-- it’s that simple.

Want some bonus entries? Share, share and share some more.

-Have a favorite post that we’ve written? Share it on your facebook feed (we’ll see those shares).

-Want to share this contest? Again-- share the facebook post (we’ll see that share too!).

-Tag a friend in a comment on the facebook post for this giveaway (tag as many friends as you think might enjoy our stuff-- each person you tag in its own comment is an entry).

-Leave a comment with some feedback either on the blog or facebook post for this giveaway… Any topics you’d like to see us cover? Dislike the time or days we post? A Social Media platform you’d like to see us more active on? A huge disservice we’re doing to the world? Let us know--it’s all fair game! Right now we’re running this blog on a shoestring, so the more you can tell us about what you’d like to see the more direction we have in making this blog all that it can be.

We’ll run this through next Sunday (April 4, 2020) at 10 pm EST. After that, we’ll announce the winner either later that night or the next day.

Thanks everyone!

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I Love your blog posts!!!


WOOOOOOOOOOOO i'm totally gonna share the crap out of this!!!!


Without your posts on FB and this wonderful blog~ i would be lost some days. funny posts, normal posts, sad posts... you tell the real story

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