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Nolan’s Lemonade Stand

In case you’re not following us on Facebook we’re doing a little project we’re calling Nolan’s Lemonade Stand… Nolan broke his iPad several weeks ago (through his own grossly-negligent actions), so we thought this might be a good opportunity for a lesson. So we’re putting him to work! It’s sort of like the Bey Family version of a lemonade stand, except we’re doing shirts and decals (because that’s what we know/ do best)! Obviously Nolan will get the replacement whether we raise the funds or not (since he depends on it to communicate), but this is his chance to contribute.

Nolan will be in charge of packaging and preparing for shipping or delivering the order in person.

We’ll be ordering our first batch of blank shirts on Sunday afternoon, so if you are hoping to get your shirt delivered/ shipped late next week or early the following week, get your orders in! You’ll still be able to order after that, but our turn-around time will be longer as we’ll have to order another batch…

If you’d like to be the owner of one of our original designs on your choice of shirt (or decal), you have three ways to join in the fun:

  1. Find is on Etsy at

  2. Fill out the Google form located here

  3. Send us a message on Facebook, or even email us at

This was designed specifically for Nolan’s Lemonade Stand… can you tell?

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